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Why Is It Important to Get Teeth Cleaned?


Oral hygiene is extremely crucial for healthy teeth and gums. Therefore it is important to provide your teeth with the best care possible. It involves regular brushing and proper flossing practices. Nonetheless, it would be best to include teeth cleaning by a professional dentist to achieve perfect oral health and a confident smile. 

Getting your teeth cleaned on a periodic routine is not only to remove stains on your health and show off your smile. It also ensures support for your dental and overall health by preventing the onset of plaque, tooth decay, and even diabetes and heart diseases. Read on to know more about the role of teeth cleaning in your oral health. 

What Are Teeth Cleaning?

Consuming certain drinks like tea or coffee can generate yellowish stains on your teeth that can be difficult to remove with regular brushing. To remove the tartar, you must use a professional procedure to scale and polish your teeth. Here’s how teeth cleaning comes into the picture. 

A teeth cleaning is a simple procedure to restore oral hygiene by removing the stains, plaque, and tartar in your teeth and cleaning your gums. A qualified dentist should only carry out the preventative procedure.

What Are the Steps Included in Professional Teeth Cleaning?

There are three major parts involved in the professional dental cleaning process. Each aspect focuses on analysing your oral health and decreasing the risk of developing dental or periodontal disease. Here are the steps included in the process.

1. Examination

In the initial phase of the procedure, the dentist will examine the teeth and gums of the patients completely. They will examine for cavities or signs of gingivitis while performing a visual exam of your teeth or opting for imaging examinations like dental X-rays.

You will also be checked for gum diseases based on the depth of pockets between teeth and gums. For instance, bleeding gums signifies bacterial infection in the gum tissues.

2. Cleaning

After thoroughly analysing your dental health, the professional cleaning process will begin. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the accumulation of plaque, tartar or stains on the surface of the teeth. When you drink or eat a meal, bacteria will build up in your teeth, developing into potential sticky elements known as plaque. 

The plaque will eventually progress into tartar, which increases your chance of developing tooth loss, cavities and gum diseases. Simple brushing or flossing at home might miss the accumulation, which needs specialised dental tools to scrape it off the teeth without affecting the enamel. After removing every debris from the teeth surface and gumline, teeth will be polished to give you a bright smile.

3. Floss and rinse

While cleaning, tiny or invisible practices might sometimes settle into the micro-spaces between your teeth. Therefore, dentists instruct you to floss the treat following the procedure to clean every area of your teeth. Moreover, after scraping away the remains of tartar, plaque and bacteria from the teeth, rinsing your teeth with fluoride solution, a mineral, is a must-to-follow step. 

It will help restore the lost calcium and phosphorus content in the enamel and prevent damage to tooth enamel due to injuries, acidic foods and ageing. In addition, it also makes your teeth strong and durable while preventing the formation of yellowish-brand layers in the teeth. 

What Are the Reasons for Opting for Teeth Cleaning?

Consulting with your dental expert regarding professional teeth clearing has countless potential benefits. Here we have listed some of the benefits of why experts recommend dental cleaning.

1. Removal of stains

Giving up your favourite drinks like tea, coffee, or carbonated drinks that stain your teeth is impossible. Nonetheless, you can have them removed by professional teeth cleaning, especially when the yellow dentin steadily shows up through the enamel. Complete teeth cleaning will eliminate every spot of stain and all yellow colouration at once. 

2. Prevent bad breath

Dental studies have reported that most individuals suffer from persistent bad breath, also called halitosis. Poor oral hygiene is the primary cause of the condition. Therefore, regular check-ups and periodic dental cleaning will remove the bacteria that induce bad breath while restoring your mouth’s healthy and fresh breath.

3. Reviewing good oral hygiene practices

A dental cleaning is a great way to review your regular oral hygiene practices with a professional expert. They will provide you with techniques to take the best care of your teeth and gums at home. You will also acquire effective tips to improve your cleaning technique and achieve perfect oral health. 

4. Prevent or minimise gum diseases.

Teeth cleanings are crucial for preventing or reducing the risk of gum diseases. The dental professional will perform an in-depth cleaning to ensure the complete removal of stubborn plaque and keep the gum disease-free. 

5. Curb the chances of cavities

Similar to gum problems, the build-up of plaque and other harmful bacteria on the surface of your teeth will result in cavities. In such circumstances, opting for regular teeth cleaning will ward off the cavities and bacteria infections at bay and prevent the onset of tooth loss even before they develop.

6. Decreased rate of diabetes

Individuals over 45 have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Here, it should be noted that gum diseases and diabetes are interrelated. Periodontal diseases can impact the secretion of insulin, which will worsen the diabetic condition of a person. However, with a regular dental cleaning, you can easily diagnose the gum disease in its early stage and treat it before it degenerates, reducing the severity of diabetes mellitus.

7. Preventing Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a condition that affects the lungs and leads to breathing problems, which can be debilitating and even fatal. Poor oral hygiene is the primary cause of pneumonia as the presence of bacteria in the mouth and breathed into the lungs. Deep teeth cleaning and the best oral care will make you less prone to infection. 

8. Bright smile

If you are having difficulty eating or laughing among friends or family in any social gathering, then it’s time to polish your teeth for a bright smile. Regular dental cleaning lets you show off your pearly and healthy white teeth. 

9. Enhance confidence

Despite the health-related reasons, another advantage of professional teeth cleaning is its ability to enhance the self-confidence and esteem of an individual. When your teeth are cleaned by a professional, you will become more confident talking to people.

Final words

A lack of best oral hygiene practices affects your teeth and gums, eventually leading to potential dental diseases. A teeth cleaning should be a part of your annual dental check-up, which has to be done at least once or twice a year.  

At Woodbridge Dentist, we offer professional dental cleaning treatment to make sure your oral health is in its peak shape. We have a team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience who perform a comprehensive examination to remove any stains on your teeth, keeping dental issues at bay.

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