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The White Diet: What to Eat After Teeth Whitening


After teeth whitening, following a specific diet is essential to maintain the results and prevent staining. This regimen, often referred to as the “white diet,” involves consuming foods and beverages that are light in color and low in staining potential. By diligently following these guidelines, you can effectively ensure that your recently brightened smile continues to dazzle.

Foods to Include

Turkey and chicken: Turkey and chicken are lean meats. They are rich in protein and make a great addition to a white diet. They don’t pose a risk of staining your recently polished teeth and offer numerous nutritional benefits.

Fish: Fish such as cod and tilapia, known as white fish, have a mild taste and light color. They are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and a great addition to any diet.

Eggs: Eggs are an excellent protein source, ideally in line with the white diet. You can make them in many ways, adding variety to your food.

Yoghurt: opt for plain, unflavored yogurt. It’s white and provides probiotics for a healthy digestive system.

Milk and cheese: Dairy products are typically low in color and high in calcium. By opting for these, you’re contributing to maintaining strong teeth and adhering to the white diet guidelines.

Fruits and Vegetables

Cauliflower: This versatile vegetable is nutritious and seamlessly fits into the white diet. Whether steamed, roasted, or mashed, cauliflower offers a multitude of preparation options, making it easy to incorporate into various dishes.

Cucumbers: These hydrating vegetables are not only light in color but also crisp and refreshing.

Bananas: Are tooth-friendly and contribute to the nutritional balance of meals, an exception to the white rule.

Potatoes: Both types of potatoes are suitable, whether white or sweet. To make a satisfying meal, go for baked or mashed versions.

Apples: While not entirely white, apples are light in color and can be included in the white diet. They also have a cleansing effect on teeth.

Pears: Like apples, pears have a light color and a cleansing effect on teeth. They can be a sweet addition to your white diet.


Milk: Milk is a nutritious and friendly option for teeth, compatible with the white diet. If you want pure milk or an unsweetened drink, choose that option.

Water: Water is the ultimate choice for hydration. It keeps you refreshed and plays a crucial role in washing away food particles that could stain your teeth, making it a must-have in your white diet.

Coconut water: Naturally clear and low in staining potential, coconut water is an excellent beverage choice during this period. It provides a refreshing alternative to other potentially staining beverages.

Foods to Avoid

Red wine: During this time, red wine should be avoided because it has the highest potential to stain.

Dark sauces: Dark sauces are bright and can lead to stains, for example, soy sauce, tomato sauce, or balsamic vinegar.

Coffee & Tea: These popular beverages may stain your teeth due to their black pigment. Avoiding or consuming them in moderation is the best way.

Berry: While rich in nutrients, fruits such as blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries can contaminate the teeth. They are best avoided for the time being.

It is essential to follow a white diet after dental bleaching to maintain the results of treatment. By choosing light-colored, low-staining foods and beverages, you can enjoy a bright smile for longer. You should be careful about the items which could reverse tooth whitening’s effects. You’ll be able to demonstrate that you have a gorgeous smile thanks to these easy dietary adjustments.

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