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Dental Implants in Toronto – Discover the Benefits and Cost


Sports injuries, accidents, and sudden falls can all result in missing, borked, damaged, or detached teeth. Most individuals may feel that such smile gaps reduce their self-esteem and confidence. Besides, the ability to eat or speak normally of an individual is also impacted by this tooth loss. Several years before, there were only a few tooth restoration options for missing teeth.

Thanks to the improvements in the dentistry field, countless replacement treatments for missing teeth will give you natural-looking and long-lasting results. 

Dental implants are one of the effective tooth replacement treatments, which is a perfect option for people who want to improve their smiles under any circumstances. Getting implants may sound like a daunting task. However, they can predominantly improve your oral and overall health in the long run. 

Are you still wondering whether dental implants are right for you? Scroll down to discover more about dental implants benefits, and their cost in Toronto!

What are Dental Implants?

Implant shaves become more popular due to their ability to provide a natural-looking smile and restore oral health permanently. Dental Implants are the prosthetic element usually implanted into the jawbone to replace damaged or missing teeth. 

Titanium metals are surgically located below the gums to serve as anchors and retain the replaced teeth. The procedure should be performed by a licensed and skilled dentist in the facility, well-equipped with essential dental equipment.  

What to Expect with Dental Implants?

As the initial step, your dental specialist will create a plan to prepare for the epicure. The specialist will suggest the candidate undergo a few X-rays to fix the implants’ location and avoid damage to the existing nerves. 

Then they will implant the metal rods to hold the structure of your jawline. After seven or ten days, the treated area will be healed and completed, and the stitches will be removed. It will take approximately four to six months to recover from the procedure and prepare for the next surgery.

In the second stage of the treatment, the protective screw in the dental implant will be removed and replaced with a metal cap. After three weeks or after the bridge, crown, or denture will be built and fixed to the top of the implant as the final step,

Despite the length of process and time, dental implants can provide excellent results, completely transforming your smile, as you have always dreamt of.

Why can Dental Implants be a Great Investment?

If you are considering getting dental implants but are still concerned about their benefits compared to other options, you are in the right place. Here we have listed why you should consider dental implants to assure oral health. 

  • Resembles the Natural Teeth

Unlike dentures or other replacement optics, dental implants are designed to get fixed to your jawbone. Hence, they mimic the look and functionality of your natural teeth. Like the original, you can simply follow the proper oral care to preserve them for a long time.

  • Prevent Further Bone Loss

When you have empty tooth space in the jawbone, the loss of stimulation will induce bone deterioration. If the space is left out for a long time, the bone will lose 25% of its volume. Opting for dental implants will help restore the stimulation and prevent further bone loss in the jaw.

  • Protect the Rest of the Teeth

Traditionally, dental bridges need adequate support from the natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth as a temporary relief and function. It also strains the teeth, making them prone to infection or decay. Here, dental implants are an effective procedure that will reduce the stress on the tooth surface and protect them.

  • Preserve Facial Structure

When you have missing teeth, it will allow the rest of the teeth to shift from their original position. This deterioration of the tooth will drastically affect the structure of your face. Choosing dental implants will preserve your jawbone and prevent the shifting of surrounding teeth from preserving the natural facial structure.  

What is the Cost of Dental Implants in Toronto?

Despite the potential benefits, people often hesitate to choose dental implants, considering them expensive. It is not the case for everyone. You can still restore the shine of your smile without breaking your budget. 

The cost of dental implants in Toronto varies depending on various determinants, indicating no fixed range. A dental implant in Toronto will range between $1500 – $6000. Here are some significant factors contributing to the variation in the cost of dental implants in Toronto.

  • Materials

Dental implants are commonly designed with titanium roots and ceramic crowns. However, in another version, it could be of a different material if the patients tend to have allergic or sensitive reactions to the specified metal. 

For instance, ceramic dental implants such as zirconia can replace standard titanium or titanium alloys. It will seamlessly blend with your natural teeth but add to the cost. 

  • Type of dental implant

Dental implants are generally fixed in two different ways. Sometimes, the implant will be placed, and the incision will be stitched. 

Then the second surgery will be organized for abutment installation. In other individuals, a longer implant will be placed within a single surgery. 

  • Location of tooth

In general, the cost of a dental implant will be more when treating the front teeth. It is because the teeth will need extra care to match the accurate angle of your jawline. Moreover, depending on the missing or damaged tooth’s location, additional techniques must be employed to fix your implant, assuring perfect aesthetics and functionality.

  • Total Number of Implants

The more dental implants you require, the higher the treatment cost. People with more than one missing or damaged tooth typically opt for other replacements like dental bridges or dentures. You can discuss with your dental specialist which option will suit you the best. 

  • Overall Oral Health

Any existing oral problems, such as periodontal diseases other than missing teeth, must be addressed before placing the implants. It is extremely important since the previous problems in your real health will result in implant failure. Depending on the complexity, this additional treatment will increase your dental visit’s cost.

Wrapping Up!

One of the great benefits of today’s medical advancements is that you don’t have to settle for a life with missing teeth. Gaps between your pearly whites are things of the past when you have dental implants. Implants also offer several benefits over other tooth replacement options besides improving appearance. Dental implants are the greatest investment to ensure a shining and healthy mile in the long run. At Woodbridge Dentist, we have excellent dental experts to thrive to provide excellent service and the best care for our patients. We design a custom dental implant treatment to suit your specific requirements so that you can enjoy your life with extreme comfort and confidence.

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